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Hazelwood Necklaces for Teenagers and Adults

Pur Noisetier Pure Hazelwood Styles

Do you or someone you know suffer from such ailments as arthritis, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, or sleep issues? Perhaps its time to try a Hazelwood necklace by Pur Noisetier! With adult sizes ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches and available in a variety of attractive styles, you are sure to find one to suit yourself or a loved one!

Not only have I been using Pur Noisetier necklaces for my children, but my husband and I use them as well!
These necklaces are fine to wear in the bath or shower, but it is best to remove it for swims in the pool due to the chemicals in the water that could affect the life span and efficiency of the necklace. Depending on the acidity of the body, a necklace will last anywhere from 6 months to a year. You will notice the outside of the Hazelwood beads getting darker as they absorb acidity.
Use any size you feel comfortable with, but please keep in mind that the necklace must be worn against your skin to be effective!
The strings used for the necklaces are a metal thread covered in nylon. This was carefully selected for the following reasons:
  • Maximum resistance to abrasion
  • More resistance against nicks, cuts and scrapes
  • Longer lasting
  • Minimum water absorption
  • Suppleness

Please see below for styles available:

#16 - Bronze and Red

16 - Bronze and red


#18 - Rose Quartz (gemstone)

18 - Rose quartz (Gemstone)

#19C - Bronze and Cream (pendant)

19c - Bronze and cream (Pendant)

#20 - Snowflake Obsidian and Hematite

20 - Snowflake obsidian and hematite (Gemstone)

#21 - Mauve/Amethyst and White

21 - Mauve and white

#23 - Sodalite and Hematite

23 - Sodalite and hematite (Gemstone)

#26 - Medieval Style

26 - Medieval style


#27 - Green and Hematite, Medium wood bead



#29 - Natural and Brown, Large wood bead




#30 - Brown and Beige, Large wood bead



#31 - Burgundy and Black, Large wood bead



#32 - All Brown